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Best Sunscreen Lotions for the Upcoming Summers

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As summers are stomping down the runway now, here come with it the troubles for our skin. While the sun is essential in many ways for a healthy body including a daily dose of vitamin D, they makes the skin dull, tired and dehydrated and causes tanning, sun burns too. The harmful rays from the sun not only darken our skin, it causes rashes, allergies and can lead up to skin cancer. Thus to shield the skin from the toxic sunrays, the sunscreen lotions should not be skipped even for a single day.

It is also said that even when indoors, sunscreen is needed as ultra violet rays (UV rays) from the sun can penetrate through the windows- at home, in the office or car. So to say that you do not have to wear a sunscreen when indoors is an assumption. Thus it is necessary to wear a sunscreen lotion or gel to protect your skin.

To choose which sunscreen will suit your skin this summers, read on –

  • Aloe Vera - Aloe vera has cooling properties and is most suitable for people with oily skin. Choose a sunscreen with aloe vera if the prickly heat of summers make you sweat and you cannot apply a heavy cream based or even lotion based sunscreen. As aloevera is commonly used in a gel based form because of its texture, get a sunscreen which has aloevera and added SPF properties. Aloe vera sunscreen can also cool off sun burns and summer heat rashes.
  • Cucumber - Cucumber is a summer blessing. Cucumber contains water and is helpful in cooling off the skin and helps in healing sun burns too. If you have normal to dry skin, you can go for a lotion based cucumber sunscreen that can hydrate your skin as during summers perspiration can make your body lose a lot of water. Always chose a sunscreen with SPF that matches the duration of your time out in the sun.
  • Carrot Seed - Yet another magical ingredient, carrot seed helps fortify skin cells during the harsh encounters with sun and protect the skin from harmful UV rays and skin cancer. It moisturises, soothes and protects the skin.

If you’re someone who is working outdoors, or has outdoor sports practices like swimming, football etc. applying sunscreen after every hour can be tough and inconvenient. Thus, go for a powerful sunblock which lasts much longer and creates a thin layer or a physical barrier on your skin that would not allow the sun rays to penetrate. Use a sunblock which suits your skin type and does not make it to greasy or feels heavy on the skin.

On the other hand, using a sunscreen on an oily or acne prone skin you can also go for a very light water based sunscreen which spreads on your face and sets a layer against the harmful sunrays.
With such sunscreens to chose from, you are all set to protect your skin this summers and be read to be out in the sun.

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